How to get Google Adsense approval quickly?Best tips and advise to get Adsense Approval Quickly.

How to get Google Adsense approval Quickly?

When we create our own blog or website then after some day this question arises that how to get google adsense approval quickly?what can i do?In how many days my adsense will be approve?what things i have to do to get adsense approval fast?this all questions also arise in my mind also when i create this website.I will give you some tips that really help you to get adsense approval quickly.On which topic we have to focus mostly to get approval?you get the all questions answer by reading this article.If you follow this tips you get definitely the approval
Google adsense is best platform to earn money by sharing important,helpful information to people.If you really interested to share your knowledge.You have best knowledge of any field to share it and earn money.
To get Google adsense approval Honesty is very important.Because google adsense is very honest.If you are really share unique and helpful article then google adsense give you approval to earn money by advertisement.
Hard work and honesty is very important to earn money by google adsense.Note it.
1.Buy a Custom domain?-
This is very important question arises in my mind also that i get adsense approval by using free domain name( or not?
The answer of this question is that if you want the adsense quickly then you have to buy custom domain.because if you use the free domain name then more time you have to give to get approval.You have to wait for minimum 6 month time to get approval.If you buy a high level domain like .com .in .us etc.then you get approval quickly.
2.Write a Unique Article-
I said in above paragraph that to get google adsense approval honesty is very very important.
If you copy article from another website and paste and share article on your website then you not get google adsense approval.Your all article should be 90 to 100% unique.not copy and paste article should be there.No copyright content be there.
If you only buy domain and copy the content from another website then you not get approval.if your content is unique then 100% you get the approval.No adult and fake content be on your website.
3.Make your website or blog Attractive and Beautiful-
if your Website or blog is attractive and beautiful then google adsense understand that you are very serious about your blog and your best impression be there therefore the chances to get approval will be increase.Use different plugins.Your website should be user Friendly.
4.Create Pages like Contact us,About,Privacy Policy-
It is very important to get adsense approval.Because Google adsense team will understand that your website is user friendly and trusted for the peoples those visit your website.If any have any doubt or any questions about your website then they can easily ask you by contact us page.And in About page you share your website information that what is purpose of your website or blog?Which content you shared on this blog or website?
By creating this page adsense team understand that your website is real and safe for peoples that visit your website.
5.How much Traffic you need to get approval?
how much traffic on your website is not really matter to get approval.But if traffic on your website is more then the chances to get approval will be increases.You need at least 100 to 200 view per day on your website or not really matter if your content is helpful and unique then you get approval.
6.Write Article in Between 500 to 1000 words or more than 1000 word also-
In short write Articles more than 500 words.Because Short Article is less information for visitors.
7.Before Applying Adsense-
Write at least 15 to 20 post/article in minimum 500 to 1000 words.If there is less content that Google adsense team not understand purpose of your website.And before apply to adsense make sure that all point that given in this article should be covered or not.
8.After Applying Adsense-
Don't stop writing article after applying adsense means don't wait for adsense approval to write article.After Applying adsense share articles regularly.adsense give reply  on your gmail after reviewing your website carefully.Normally it takes one to weeks to review your blog or website and give you replay that your website is ready for adsense or not.But in some cases it take 1 to 2 month also.So don't take tension wait for it.And give him time.When everything is ready then give you reply that your website is ready for adsense or not if not they give you reason.

If your website not approve for adsense then don't reapply it by making more best changes after some changes.But if you Follow all this Point i definitely give 100% guarantee that you get Google Adsense Approval.

In How many days i have to apply for Google Adsense?

Ans-After Cover all these point you may apply for google adsense. But After one month is best time to apply for google adsense. Newly  Apply in 10 or 15 days you may be get the approval but chances is less.

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