How to Create Account On Google Search Console

Create Account On Google Search Console

In this article we have given the step by step procedure to create account on Google Search Console So read and follow the following steps to create google search console account very easily.

1).Sign up
First you click on the link of Google Search Console By searching on google google search console, you will be asked for G-mail Account ID, you log in with google account and click on Start Now, then there you will find 2 options to enter the URL.
2.URL Prefix

2).Domain Format
This option includes all URL formats of the blog / website such as (www or https). All you have to do is enter your domain name (https / www).

Google Search Console will not add your site if you add www. If you have a Custom Domain and you want automatic (http / https / www) to be added to your website then you have to choose this option,
So if you want such a system, then adopt this method.
Assuming your blog address is, all you have to do is enter, not https or www. After that you have to click on Continue.
Your blog will be automatically verified, but wait, it has not been verified yet, you have not become a verified owner yet.
Note: This is also the same method for those who have not written automatic verified
Those who have not been automatically verified will have this message shown immediately

Verified Domain Ownership Via DNS record

Click on setting option of Search Console dashboard,

Clicking on the setting option will show the Ownership Verification option

Clicking on Ownership verification will get the code of Google verification.

To verify it via DNS, first copy the Google Verification code, but keep in mind that you don't have to click the Verify button at all,
After copying the code, you have to login to the website from where you purchased the domain, like you have bought the domain from Godaddy, Bigrock and bluehost, you have to login to their website.

For Godaddy User:
Login to Godaddy account and click on your domain name.

Now DNS will be written in the Right Side, click on DNS
Now a page will open in front of you which will contain the records of DNS. You have to enter the code that you just copied from Google Search Console,"

Click the Add button
1. Select TXT by selecting Type

Then some more options will come.

2. In the Host option, you just have to leave @.
3. In TXT value you have to paste the code that you copied from Google Search Console
\n4. Do not touch the TTL at all, leave it as it is as it is 1 Hour Default.
Click the Save button, then come back to Google Search Console and click the Verify button.
Your blog has now been verified by Google Search console. Sometimes it can take up to 1 hour to verify.

How to verify Blog with URL Prefix?
If you want your site to be open only with https and not with other formats, then you can choose this option,
In Future if you have created a sub-domain then you have to add the property separately and you have to do this step every time as well as you have to get it verified again and again.
Go to Google search console and enter the full address of your blog in the URL Prefix option.
for exp.
After entering the blog address, click on continue, now follow the same step mentioned above, click on Setting >> Ownership Verification.

There are many methods to do blog verification
Such as:
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Domain Name Provider
But I would recommend you to select the HTML Tag option as it is very simple.
\Click on HTML Tag. You will get a code named meta tag in the text box. Copy that code:
You will have this kind of Meta Tag code. Copy that code.
But don't click on Verify Button now, click on your Blogger's dashboard, go to Theme> edit html, now paste the copied code under head tag.
If head tag is not found then press Ctrl + F simultaneously and type head tag, head  tag will be found in Highlight.
See in the picture below.

Now paste the copied code under head tag

Then save the theme. Go back to Google Search Console me and click on HTML Tag in the Ownership Verification option and then click on Verify Button.
If the verification failed show, then wait a bit, in 1 to 2 hours the blog will be added to your search console.

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