Best 3 ways to earn money from Social Media

Best 3 ways to earn money from social media 

In this article we have given best 3 ways to earn money form social media which has really most demand in future.If you are student then it is best way to earn money.If you have to do earn money at home then it is best way.But hard work is needed for it to start it.Initially it is very difficult but later it is very easy to earn by using this 3 ways.

earn money from social media
Earn money from social media

1.Create blog or website

earn money from social media

The best way to earn money from social media is by creating a blog or website.If you have knowledge then by your knowledge you can earn money by creating website.By creating your own blog you can earn money by placing Advertising of adsense on your blog.If you have really unique knowledge then blog is best platform for you to earn money.In blog you have to write the helpful post for people that really helpful for people.If you write best and helpful post on your blog then more traffic comes on your blog/website and due to increase traffic you can earn money easily.By sharing your knowledge on blog by amazing post is best way to earn money.

2.Create youtube Channel

earn money from social media

By creating Youtube channel also you can earn money.By sharing your knowledge you through video you can earn money,Youtube is best platform for peoples to get popularity and earn money.Many people select youtube to earn money not choice blog/website.Because youtube is interesting it gives popularity to people that really have great knowledge and creating video is interesting than write something.In blog you have to write post therefore people get bored to write.As compered to blog/website youtube earning is less than blog.Because it is get Adsense Approval on blog is easy but in youtube channel it is very difficult but if you have best knowledge and you can easily explain difficult things easily on youtube then it is very easy for you.

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3.By Instagram Account -

earn money from social media

It is most easy way to earn money.Because on instagram you have only to share some amazing post and increase your followers.If you have many followers on instagram then by product Advertising you can  earn money.
You must have at least more than 10,000 followers on instagram.You also earn money by getting sponsorship of  best company.You have to share only your knowledge through by your amazing post and advertising the products on companies .So if you have to best followers on instagram then you can earn money.

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